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Carroll Academy, an adult high school program, in Tamworth, NH, and Mt Washington Valley Region in North Conway, NH offers a variety of classes directed towards adult learners.

The potential for every student to reach their individual goals is limited, only by their imagination…. If they can “see it…”, they can “be it…” It’s only the desire to “want to be” that’s needed for success. You are in the “driver’s seat” at Carroll Academy.

Education Plans are Custom “Tailored” to fit every students learning styles & special needs. There are Certified Teachers at Carroll Academy; that respect your personal “styles of learning” and work with you, to maximize your learning experience.

Its a total package, designed with your future advancement in mind….                      You can’t lose…, unless you don’t try…. Its your path to a better future….

Carroll Academy continues to teach Students for our Adult Diploma Classes. Classes started Monday February 17th, 2014, from 6-9 pm. English; Wednesday February 19th from 5-8 pm Algebra. Thursday, February 20th from 5-8 pm, Economics & US Government. Monday, February 24, Chemistry classes began from 9am – noon. Online courses are also available.

HiSET Study Groups meet Monday through Friday at times to fit your schedule…. And we offer Citizenship Classes!

To enroll, Call Elisabeth Swiriduk, Assistant @ Carroll Academy @ (603) 323-5100 for the Tamworth, NH Campus Or Call Susan Hagerstrom, Director @ the North Conway, NH Campus @ (603) 356-7242 or Contact Carroll Academy through the contact form below.   Be sure to tell us what areas interest you!

3 Responses to About Us

  1. Roger Leclerc says:

    I would like to get my high school diploma. I am 22 years old. and not gonna lie i feel lucky that i snapped into a panic realizing how bad I’m messing things up for my self but relise i have time to fix it but action is to be taken now. I’m a sous chef at a restaurant. so my time is restricted but i wanna go to college and i believe a diploma would be the best approach

  2. Elisabeth says:


    Please call us at either 603-323-5100 or 603-356-7242 so that we can discuss your goal. You need to speak with Susan Hagerstrom, Director.

  3. Elisabeth says:


    Thanks for your interest! Please call us in Tamworth at 323-5100 or in North Conway at 356-7242. We look forward to talking with you! Elisabeth

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