Adult Diploma Classes

Requirements for a High School Diploma – 20 credits as follows

Requirements for a High School Diploma – 20 credits as follows

4 credits: English                                          3 credits: Math
1 credit: US History                                     2 credits: Science
1 credit: Economics / Government            1 credit : Computer
1 credit: World History                                7 Elective Credits

All prior high school credits accepted. Credits can be granted for Work Experience credits (up to two credits), Homemaking, Parenting. Credits may be given for course work and special projects, including Community Service. Home school credits evaluated. Up to two credits correspondence school credits accepted.


 US History

Since history is always in the making students will tie in what they already know about the founding of the United States of America to the present day.

This class will build upon each student’s strength. To that end, students will have the opportunity to use their preferential learning style(s) through this course (e.g. visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic, etc.).

Classes are tailored for the needs of each student.  Individual attention will be  given.



Welcome to the wild world of Chemistry!  Chemistry fascinating to learn and easy to master when you learn the basic tools. Learning chemistry is a dream if you keep up with the assignments and ask for help when you need it  As with all skill mastery, practice is the secret. If you “attend class” and do the work, you  will succeed.

Your text will be Zumdahl  “Introductory Chemistry A Foundation.”  Although we do not have a laboratory we will be doing four extended experiments.

For this class you will need your book,  a simple calculator, a 3 ring notebook, a 1/4 inch graph paper comp book,  a dry erase marker, and a pencil.    Occasionally I will ask that you bring some kitchen type items like ammonia.

We meet for three hours once/week for 13 -15 weeks.  I schedule help sessions when needed.  Your assignment will usually include reading a chapter, surveying the next chapter, a lab report and a quiz/test.

The fun is being able to “fly the plane.”  Once you have learned the fundamentals of chemistry language, chemistry units, chemical reactions (fun), and predicting products you will enjoy applying this scaffold to many areas of your life.



Math Phobia is real and many of us suffer from it.  We will strive to work with you as you overcome your fears and help you to see it in a whole new light.  Because our classes are small you will get the individual attention you need to understand Algebra and succeed in this subject.



To be successful in education students need to be able to write a proper essay, as well as be exposed to variety of literature.  With this in mind we have developed our English classes with a focus on College Writing & Literature, both American and World Lit.


On-Line Learning / Independent Studies

We offer a variety of on-line classes as well as independent studies