• GED Preparation & Pre Testing  

GED Tests cover five areas: Language Arts with Essay, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts (Reading), and Mathematics. You must pass all five test with the average score of 450 to pass the GED.   Before you can take the GED Exam you need to pass all five Pre Tests.  We will help you prepare for the Pre Tests and then help you with all the paper work you need to go on to take the actual GED Exam.  One-on-one help is available.  Schedule an appointment for registration or just to have your questions answered about the GED.

Your future is calling. With the GED test, you can answer the call.

One test, eighteen million lives!

 The GED test has changed millions of lives. The list of graduates includes a U.S. Surgeon General, state governors, congressmen, TV sitcom stars, and everyday heroes like teachers, nurses, and firefighters. Once an adult passes the GED test, the possibilities are endless.  Since the test was formed in 1942, more than 18 million adults have earned this powerful second chance.

 The current version of the GED test is expiring at the end of 2013 and your scores will expire too if you don’t finish and pass the GED test by then. If you act now, you won’t have to re-take the parts of the GED test you’ve already passed.

Because you’ve already started the GED test, you’re almost there.

Don’t feel prepared to finish the GED test? Don’t worry—we can help! Even with your busy schedule, you can prepare, plan, and succeed. Call us at 323-5100 / 356-7242.  We’ll ensure you’re registered and have all the support you need to finish and pass.

Passing the GED test is a key to opening doors to college, a better job, and earning the respect you deserve. Don’t miss this chance to turn one small step into your next big opportunity in life. Finish the GED test by the end of 2013 and earn your high school credential. Contact us today.