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* Thank you so much for all of your help!  You made me feel so confident about myself! All of that hard work paid off! A.

* I just want to say thank you for putting up with me & thank you for all the help.  You touched my life in a special way, by being a good & patient teacher.  S.D.

* God Bless you for being there in my life when I needed a guiding hand.  A. D.

* Thank you very much for teaching me all the subjects I needed for my GED. D.P.

* You have been such a gift in my life.  You are truly my guardian angel.  D.S.

* Thank you for all the help with math. P.B.

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Testimonials from former students

The following are letters written by two of our former students to their local representative showing their support for Carroll Academy.

*************************************************** ** Dear Representative,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of the Carroll County Adult Education program. I think this is a wonderful program to continue running. I know this helped me a lot, being a 20 year old single mother.

I was thrown out of  High School in January 2005 because my Grandmother, who was raising me at the time, passed away and I was forced to move in with my mother, who lived right over the border in Fryeburg, Maine. My mother and I talked to the vice principal,  He said that being there for a couple weeks would be fine, but that didn’t happen. Meanwhile, my mother was searching for a place for us to live in the Conway area. Once we got a place in Conway, it was January 31, 2005. I had just turned 16. I was pulled aside in the hallway and asked to leave after finals that week. I didn’t return to school due to my mother being unable to afford a physical that they required in order to go back.

I was sitting home day after day, until I heard other parts of my family talking about this GED place. I remembered the name. It was Carroll County Adult Education, located in North Conway and Chocorua. This was the only program who had actually advertised around our community.

This community really isn’t full of rich people. It makes a difference to have free tutoring for those who decide to go back to school and get their lives back on the right track. Having one-on-one student-teacher time helps as well. I think, for my sake, it helped me focus and know I wasn’t being pressured to have all my work done on a certain day or time. For me, day school was all about pressure, making friends and trying to fit in. All the things normal teens go through. It didn’t have as much student-teacher time, unless you wanted to stay after school. Some children have different learning styles and just can’t sit in a room with all those other students, be distracted and then be expected to have all there work done.

I’m glad I returned to get a diploma, just to be proud and show that I wanted to do this for me. With the ladies who work with me there, its amazing. They actually show you they are there for you and support you 100%. Getting letters from them if you have not been there in a while or getting a phone call encouraging you to not give up because you’re so close, was just enough support to keep me continuing.

Also, they are not like day school at all. These wonderful women will sit with you and address your specific learning styles. Thereby helping you achieve your individual needs to succeed in your educational goals, which adds self confidence. You’re guaranteed to leave there with a smile and your head held high every time because they make learning fun at the same time.

Wrapping things up for you, these ladies are great and really want everyone to succeed. Thanks to their encouraging words, I am currently looking into furthering my education by looking into college classes. I’m not sure what, yet, but I might just try a few things such as art or computer technology. Without the funds available to make this program possible, I wouldn’t be able to complete my GED and further my education.

Thank you all so much for your funds and support that make the GED program available to those who are willing to take that step forward in there lives again. I’m sure I can speak for all those attending Carroll Academy when I say the prices are great and affordable. The environment is friendly and calm.

Sincerely, C.K.

Dear Representative,

I lived in Connecticut for the first 15 years of my life.  My parents didn’t like it there, so we moved to New Hampshire for a better schooling, new life style and a better environment.  So many things are different here, the move was a positive change.  Until one day 1/2 way through my second year of high school.  I was in an art class and I was sick.  I asked to go to the nurse’s office, but instead they called the nurse down to the art room.  I had to explain what was wrong.  I said never mind because I was embarrassed.  My mom came to pick me up and took me to the doctors.  I didn’t want to go back because they embarrassed me.  I talked to the principal and told him I wanted to be home schooled.  He said I needed my mother there because I was underage.  My mother came to talk with him and he told her she wasn’t smart enough to teach me.  She argued with him and finally took me out of school.  I did some home schooling and gave it up to get a job.

When I decided I wanted to go back to school I heard great things about Carroll Academy.  I decided to give it a chance. They were really nice and helped me get the credits I needed to graduate.  Coming back to school really turned my life around.  After graduation I am planning to apply to college to become a pharmacist tech.

My life is now on track. I’m back in school, have a job and making plans for the future.  Carroll Academy is the best thing that I decided to do.  Thanks to the great staff for giving me this opportunity to put my life back on track.

Sincerely, C.W-R.

2016 Graduate Testamonials

Posted onJune 14, 2016 By SHagerstrom
Here is what some students in the Class of 2016 are saying about Carroll Academy…

“Everyone at Carroll Academy is very friendly and helpful when it comes to giving you the motivation you need to get your education” S.R.

“I already have told many friends who want to get their HiSet about your program because the program is helpful and easy going” S.S

“You are very helpful and kind. Go above and beyond” C.W.

“It was easy and worked out perfectly with my situation” M.P.

“Kind, caring, and efficient. Susan and Crystal were wonderful! I will be referring more people to this program” S.T.

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Carroll Academy…. Your Road to a Better Future!

Welcome to Carroll Academy…. nestled amongst mountains, close to Mt. Chocorua in Tamworth, New Hampshire. Surrounded by positive energy that grows from your simple desire to learn; it only takes one step forward to reach the potential you have within. All you have to do is make that 1st step….

Many former graduates have reached goals they never dreamed of, all because they made that step…. They came here…, to find out how to learn…, without the usual obstacles found in other educational settings…. Like plants need water & light, our students get the special treatment they deserve to unlock from the past and discover new understanding that spreads from a dedicated group of Certified Teachers and Directors. They want your experience at Carroll Academy to be one that leads to a bright future to continue your live long learning. Its your road to a new beginning.

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