Students weigh in on the quality of our teachers and program…

Course:  English Fall 2019

Instructor:  Kathryn Keene, CAGS


I think you are the perfect fit for the position. I can’t tell you how much you and your stories have inspired me to be even more successful, no matter how “late” I am. I truly cannot thank you and Crystal enough. I believe the universe got me here for a reason.  CB

My success as a student went way beyond what I thought I was going to do. This class was fun. The curriculum was appropriate because we had people from all ages here in class. Kathy was very knowledgeable about the work she put in our hands and was not afraid to have fun and make this class enjoyable. The course was set up great, not a lot of homework but just enough to keep you in the game when outside the classroom.  TL

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