U. S. History Syllabus

Pre-Requisite: A desire to learn.

“No one who lived through the Great Depression can ever look upon an unemployed person with anything but compassion.”  Ronald Reagan

Our 2013 Spring Semester will offer the U. S. History Class.  This portion of information below will be updated in the near future.

This course is especially designed for the adult learner.

Course Description:

United States History is a 15-week course that covers the period from 1607 through the modern day.   Specific areas include:  historical, political, economic, cultural, social, and intellectual institutions and their development.

Course Topics:

Colonial History, Independence, Critical Period and Federalist Era; Jefferson/War of 1812/Nationalism; Age of Jackson; Slavery and Sectionalism; Civil War & Reconstruction; Business & Labor; Populists & Imperialists; Progressives and WWI; 1920-30’s; WWII and Origins of Cold War; 1960-70s; Reagan to Bush; 1980s  to Present.

Course Texts and Readings:

Performance Tasks:  Reading weekly assignments; participating in class discussions; performing an assessment evaluation of material presented (e.g. verbal, written and creative activities).  Critical thinking is an important tool that every student possesses.  To that end, students will demonstrate understanding of material by relating it to today’s culture.

Grading:  A (90-100); B (80-89); C (70-79); D (60-69) and F (59 or below)

The final average will be composed from the following: Notebooks, Quizzes, Class-work; Participation; Homework; Major Paper/Essays; PowerPoint and Final Exam.






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